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When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return.
—Leonardo da Vinci

Welcome to the official web site of the new,

Central Alabama Soaring Association.


Our club formed as a result of the joining together of the Birmingham Soaring Society and Sylacauga Soaring Society .

 Come and join us at the Sylacauga Airport, a truly great venue for soaring. We operate mostly off the grass between a 5000' runway and the adjacent taxiway.

Memberships are available!!  $300.00 initiation fee, and dues are currently $60.00 per month.  A typical aerotow costs about $35.00. The towing charge runs $1.00 per hundred ft. of altitude towed plus a $5.00 hook up fee.

We can be found in the skies above Sylacauga and the surrounding area almost any weekend when the weather is good.  Visitors are welcome to drop in and ask questions answered or simply observe the flight operations. We have a $99.00 "Fast Start" Package for those that want to make a demo flight with an experienced pilot and get some hands-on experience with the controls. The Fast Start program includes a 30 day membership in the club and in the Soaring Society of America, our national organization, flight & ground time with an instructor, flight log book, and a soaring flight manual. This package is designed to be both introductory for those new to flying and an introduction to soaring for power pilots who may be interested in a add-on glider rating.

NEW!!! Glider Rides Available!, for those who just want a ride in a glider. Flights last about 30 minutes, occasionally longer, and allow folks to experience a Pawnee airplane tow to high above the ground, a release to free flight and a quiet flight with a certified pilot back to the ground. Cost is $99, the same as our Fast Start Package described above. Call any of our members that you see on our contact page to set up your flight.  

At the SSS we promote flying safety above all else.  Our goals are to bring students along with quality instruction and to expand each pilot's abilities in multiple areas including cross country flights.

 Come see us! 

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